Product Highlights

At Metro Business Systems, we take pride in the company we keep. Every now and then we showcase products that help our clients achieve exceptional return on their investments.

Who We Are

Metro Business Systems is your complete technology resource. And your trusted partner for on-demand IT solutions. We're devoted to your long-term success, and responsive to the minute.

What We Do

We specialize in helping companies manage computer hardware, volumes of big data, inventory, relocation and more — with world-class, dedicated service and an attention to your bottom line.

Who We Serve

From global companies to small enterprise, we help satisfy the specific technology needs of multi-location companies headquartered in the New York tri-state area.

Client Praise

  • “I would like to thank you for all your support over the years. Your dedication, helpfulness and quick responsiveness are rare in today's industry. It certainly has been a pleasure working with you.”

  • “You are the only vendor that has checked in! I appreciate this. You always seem to remind us, in the most subtle but effective ways, why you are one of our top vendors!”

  • “I email questions about products and pricing, and our MBS rep responds almost immediately. The information is timely, accurate and helpful.”

  • “This program has allowed us to save close to $100k since its inception. Factoring in the free shipping, the storage on large server roll-outs and the hardware configuration services, the cost avoidance we achieved is substantial. Thanks Metro, for adding real value and the programs that save money.”

  • “As I found out, this SAN/RSM environment was not cluster aware, so to attach five clusters to it was no small task. There is no out-of-the-box solution [for us], but Kit Somal of MBS was able to change and adapt the system to fit our needs.”

  • “Thanks for all your help with this order. Once again, Metro has proven why they are the go-to vendor of choice.”

  • “I've been doing procurement for several years and have dealt with every vendor in the U.S. Metro is outstanding! Like an extension of my team, you do a million different things to make my job so much easier. You are the best we've ever had!”

  • “I just wanted to say, thank you so much for the wonderful news, your turn-around time is wonderful... We really appreciate all you do!”

  • “Thanks again for everything, I can always count on you to clear things up! People throw part numbers at me and just ask for pricing, not knowing all the details as you have shown.”

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